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Heavy metal emissions

Written on: 05.06.2019#1



I have struggled to understand how pesticides are accounted in the calculation of heavy metal emissions for any crop cultivation process in ecoinvent v3. I am aware of the methodololgy provided in "Methods of assessment of direct field emissions for LCIs of egriculture production systems"by Nemecek&Schnetzer (2011), and table has already provided as regards to the heavy metal content of products and fertilisers. But I would like to know also values assumed in Ecoinvent for pesticides depending on type so that I can customise it more appropriately. 

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Written on: 06.06.2019#2


Thank you for your thread. Have you had a look in the documentation quoted in this file you mention? There is a certain methodology related to the heavy metal emissions but it is in German. If you are interested send me a private email at: and I can send you the pdf in German, if that would be of any help for you.

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Data analyst, ecoinvent