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Recycling HDPE

Written on: 18.10.2016#1

alaa, alaa


 i use openLCA 1.4.2  currently iam working  in aproject by using a openLCA1.4.2 to find out the environment impact for this project .

in my project there is a apipe from high density polyethylene manufactue ,(HDPE pipe)  i need to know LCA recycling data inventory for this type but i cant find any data in ecoinvent or other site.

 i  need the data inventory for hdpe recycle .can you help me ?

thank you for your  attention .



Written on: 19.10.2016#2

luciavalsasina, ecoinvent

Dear alaa,
ecoinvent currently offers incineration and landfilling, but not recycling, as disposal routes for polyethylene. You can consult all activities and products present in ecoinvent in the activity overview file, which you can download from the documents and files section of the ecoinvent website.

Best regards,
Lucia Valsasina, Data Analyst, ecoinvent

Written on: 19.10.2016#3

alaa, alaa

dear lucia ,

Thanks for the clarification . 

I was thinking if i Can  follow another way to enter data for this process(recycling process)  

its to  assume that recycling pipe it is about the crushing pipe to the resin , if i know the crushing machine power per kilogram  ,i  can convert this value to Mjoul , by this value  can i enter it as data inventory in  aprocess  name's electricity ????