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Cumulative energy demand

Written on: 12.12.2016#1

poritosh, Poritosh Roy

How to enter energy consumption data to calculate cumulative energy demand

Written on: 15.12.2016#2

luciavalsasina, ecoinvent

Dear Roy,
I am not sure I fully understand your question. Here are some information regarding this topic, if this does not answer your question please feel free to post again on our forum or contact me directly at including more information on the question, on how you are using ecoinvent (software, ecoinvent online), which version of the database you are using.
You can refer to the answer I gave to another user regarding "energy, gross calorific values, in biomass". You check the reneweble energy elementary flows in the datasets you are interested in, in the System Model of your choice. To better understand the flows that are included in the Cumulative energy demand impact assessment method you can download the "ecoinvent 3.3_LCIA_implementation.7z" zip folder from the files section in ecoQuery. Access ecoQuery, if you never accessed the database online before please read here.
In the folder you will find a PDF document, explaining the LCIA implementation, and the LCIA implementation excel file, which includes the specifics such as characterization factors, for all methods implemented in ecoinvent version 3.3.
Be aware that the CED values were removed for ecoinvent v3.01, we re-introduced the CED flows for eiv3.1. and all the newer versions.
Best regards,
Lucia Valsasina, Data Analyst, ecoinvent