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Comparing the softwares support Ecoinvent

Written on: 04.01.2017#1

mohifalahi, Mohammad Falahi


I want to do a Life cycle assessment on Municipal solid waste management and I have the Ecoinvent v3.3. Both Simapro and OpenLCA softwares support this database. Since life cycle assessment of waste management is a process-based study, I want to know which software is more suitable for this study?


Mohammad Falahi

Written on: 11.01.2017#2

luciavalsasina, ecoinvent

Dear Mohammad,


I am afraid I do not have answer to your question. Both software support ecoinvent and they are both valuable tools to conduct LCAs. I would recommend you contact both software providers and discuss with them in order to assess which one better meets your needs. 


Best regards,
Lucia Valsasina, Data Analyst, ecoinvent