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How to change/recalculate econventdata for other load factor

Written on: 05.01.2017#1

ANNATYR, Anna Pantze

How can i change/recalculate Ecoinvent data to fit other loads. In some transport i know that load factor are 50%. How can I recalculate the value for a 28 t lorry that has a load of 28 t one way maximum load and is empty on the way back.
If i just use ecoinvent value im calculating for a 28 t lorry that has a load of 5,79 t all the time according to:
The average load factors are taken from the Tremove model v2.7b (2009) and EcoTransIT (2011) report.

Lorry size class Average load factor GVW:

3.5-7.5t 0.98t 4.98t 7.5-16t 3.29t 9.29t 16-32t 5.79t 15.79t >32t 15.96t 29.96t
Best regard / Anna

Written on: 11.01.2017#2

luciavalsasina, ecoinvent

Dear Anna, 


To change this assumption you have to rely on the information about the average load factor, which can be found in the general comment for the relevant dataset. To change the load factor you have to make your own assumptions starting from the GVW for the truck, as emissions depends on it. I suggest you read the answer given on the forum on this subject by my colleague Guillaume, useful answer 1 and 2


Freight transport includes empty trips; from the "Data quality guidelines" page 22: "The transport datasets have names beginning with "transport, ...". The freight transport products describe the transport services in metric ton-kilometres with average load factors that include the average share of empty return trips".


Best regards,
Lucia Valsasina, Data Analyst, ecoinvent