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help to find documentation (.pdf)

Written on: 04.07.2018#1


Hi community, 

I have a very basic problem about finding information. I'm working on the inventory of Rice {US} production and I want to know how it was obtined the amount of ammonia emission to the air (0.0001281754 kg). In the comments is indicated "(2,2,4,1,1,na)Modelled with the 'AGRAMMON model' described in "01_crop production_direct field emissions and natural resources_v1.0.pdf" - pdf-document on the dedicated talk page of ecoinvent (" This link doesn't works and I don't know how to find this pdf document. How can I find it?

I have the same problem with other referenced documents in some emissions of this inventory.  




Written on: 04.07.2018#2

Dear Coral,

Thank you for your thread. You can have a look in the original publication of the datset "2007, Nemecek, T., Kägi, T., Blaser, S., Life Cycle Inventories of Agricultural Production Systems, Ecoinvent report version 2.0, 15, Duebendorf and Zurich, CH, Swiss Centre for LCI, ART, 3 - SeparatePublication, CD-ROM" which you can find by logging in ecoQuerry for version 2 and navigate under the "Reports" section. It is report number 15. If anything is not clear please text us.

Best regards,

Avraam Symeonidis,

Data analyst, ecoinvent