Access to the Database | ecoQuery

Access to the Database | ecoQuery

What files are available for download from the ecoQuery? Can I download the whole database? Can I have a CD with all the datasets sent to me?

If you purchased an ecoinvent licence (either directly from us or from one of our resellers) you can always access the database via our website by following the link "Login Databases" on the top right hand side of our website.


If you purchased the database directly from us you did receive the username and password. If you purchased it from one of our reseller and cannot remember the username and password anymore, please contact the respective reseller from who you bought the licence from. ecoinvent Resellers


In ecoQuery you can either open datasets directly on the webpage and have a look at the inventory or you can download the datasets into your download basket.


In the past (ecoinvent version 2) ecoinvent provided a copy of all the datasets on a CD. We no longer offer this since the users can download all the files from ecoQuery. If you want to download all datasets at once you can go to the "Files" section of the ecoQuery.


Please read this EULA carefully before accessing and using these files. By downloading, installing or using any ecoinvent database or using any ecoinvent dataset, you agree to be bound by the terms of use of this EULA. End User Licence Agreement


In the file section of ecoQuery we present data in two file formats: Spold format (which can be converted to xml) and xlsx (excel) format. The data is available for linked unit processes (UPR), cumulative LCI inventories and LCIA results.


The data is offered for all three system models:


Naming of the files
version number_system model_data type-file type_file format
For example: ecoinvent 3.3_cutoff_lcia-cumulated-matrices_xls.7z
This is a cumulative LCI inventory matrix in an excel file of the allocation cut-off by classification system model.