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Data Providers & ecoEditor

Should I include images when creating a dataset?

ecoinvent encourages data providers to include images, of the product / process / service / system boundaries / etc., that ease the understanding of the dataset and support users in the use of the data.


Before including an image/picture in a dataset, please make sure that the following points are covered:

1. The image supports and is relevant in the context of the dataset.
2. The text can be understood without the image.
3. The image is referred to in the text as an example. A sentence such as: "this image is an example of a general/average [product name]" would serve this purpose.
4. The image is referenced including the source, author (if available) and date of access
5. The image is from a public domain
6. The main feature of the image is the example and it is intended for (e.g. a truck) and not a logo (e.g. a big McDonald's logo which dominates the picture).


If you are not sure whether your image covers all the points mentioned above or if you have any further question in general please contact us at ecoinvent support.


These requirements are to protect copyright. Read more about Federal Act on Copyright and Related Rights (Copyright Act, CopA).



Details that should be included in an image/picture reference:


Author of the image/picture
Title of the image/picture
Date of the image/picture
Institution/owned by/Website/Database



Suggested format of citation


Author, date. Title of image/picture. [type of medium (such as "image online" or "photograph")] Available at: <website URL> [Accessed date].