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What is the annual production volume? Why does it have to be provided?

The annual production volume (APV) specifies the amount of the product that the dataset supplies to the market for this product.

For example, the production volume of glycerine produced in "glycerine production, from epichlorohydrin/GLO" dataset is 4.8E+8 kg/year. In the figure below, this means that the production volumes of product X in the activities Y and Z determine the shares of producing activity Y and producing activity Z on the market for product x.

The total production volume of a product in the market dataset is therefore filled automatically by the software, adding up all production volumes of the product in the specific geography.


For Ordinary Transforming Activities, filling in an APV is mandatory. Although finding an appropriate value is sometimes difficult try to make an estimate in any case. If your dataset is valid for a whole time period you should provide an average over time.