Data Providers & ecoEditor

Data Providers & ecoEditor

What is the ecoEditor and how can I use it?

The freeware "ecoEditor for ecoinvent version 3" is a software tool to view, create, edit, submit, review and upload datasets for the future versions of the ecoinvent database. It replaces the old (only internally used) ecoEditor 1 and the spread-sheet based ecoSpoldAccess. The ecoEditor works with the new ecoSpold2 data format which replaces the ecoSpold1 format.


The ecoEditor can also be used for looking at the advanced features of ecoinvent version 3 which are not yet visible in the conventional LCA software, e.g. properties of exchanges, mathematical relationships, parameter values and explanations.


The primary use of the ecoEditor is to submit data to ecoinvent and not for accessing the ecoinvent database. If you would simply like to access the database, view or download datasets, please login to the database through ecoQuery.


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