Differences between ecoinvent 2 & 3

Differences between ecoinvent 2 & 3

Have the ecoinvent reports been updated for version 3 and where can I find them?

In ecoinvent version 3, the commenting and documentation features of the data format have been greatly improved.


This allows for all information which is necessary to understand and check the dataset to be included directly into the documentation fields of a dataset.


The ecoinvent version 2 reports in pdf form are therefore not updated, but are still accessible on our website. Datasets that have not been considerably changed in the update to version 3 will often still reference the reports for information on the data quality and origins, this is then stated in the dataset.

ecoinvent Version 2 Reports


In addition to the information in the datasets themselves, data providers can still provide documentation in the form of a report on a set of datasets or a sector. These are available online in the report section of ecoinvent version 3 (ecoQuery).

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