Differences between ecoinvent 2 & 3

Differences between ecoinvent 2 & 3

What are the main features of ecoinvent version 3 which were not present in ecoinvent version 2?

  • More system models: currently ecoinvent is offering three system models; Allocation at the point of substitution (former Allocation, ecoinvent default), Allocation, cut-off, by classification and Substitution, consequential, long-term. System Models in ecoinvent version 3


  • New datasets: new and updated datasets in the fields of electricity production, recycling activities, chemical production, fruits, vegetables and many other sectors. Activity overview, undefined of all datasets present in the latest update of version 3 is available here


  • Updates of the datasets from ecoinvent 2: many datasets from ecoinvent v2 have been edited and updated for ecoinvent v3.


  • New water flows: consistent modelling of water inputs and outputs in most parts of the database for impact of water withdrawal, use and consumption.


  • New properties: all products (with a mass) in the ecoinvent database now come with information on physical and other properties, such as dry mass, wet mass, carbon content, etc.


  • New global supply chains: the new version of ecoinvent contains global supply chains for many products, allowing a more integrated perspective on products and processes.


  • More consistency: new data quality guidelines to ensure coherent data acquisition and reporting.


  • More transparency: the documentation of inventories is directly included in the single datasets, often with traceable calculation of individual flows. Additionally, the forums and editorial sites provide sector specific information referring to information concerning a number of similar inventories.