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First Time Users

How can I use the ecoinvent database?

The ecoinvent database provides a wide range of data which can be used for different types of environmental assessments (LCA, carbon footprint, etc.).


The data from the database can be used in wide range of software tools such as MS Excel, SimaPro, GaBi, Quantis Suite, openLCA, etc.


It is entirely up to the user which software he/she chooses for working with the ecoinvent database.


The ecoinvent database is available in the ecoSpold2 file format, and xml-based format that is designed to interact with other software tools. In addition, both the aggregated inventories and the LCIA results files are available in MS Excel format. This allows users to directly read and use values such as Global Warming Potential or Ecological Scarcity points for the many thousands of products in the database without the need for a software tool.


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