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First Time Users

Why are system models named differently in my software?

The terminology used by software providers does not always match the one used in ecoinvent.


For example, before the release of version 8.5, SimaPro used different names from ecoinvent.  "Allocation cut-off by classification" was named "Allocation, recycled content" (Alloc Rec). "Allocation, default" was renamed "Allocation at the point of substitution" (APOS) in ecoinvent version 3.2., while, SimaPro, until version 8.5, used the old naming abbreviated as Alloc Def. "Substitution, Consequential, Long-Term" is simply called "Consequential" (Conseq).


In SimaPro verison 8.5, the names have been harmonised with ecoinvent.


ecoinvent in SimaPro library



ecoinvent activity in SimaPro



If you find any further naming inconsistency please contact the responsible software directly. Here you can consult the list of our partners.