Methodology of ecoinvent 3

Methodology of ecoinvent 3

APOS: why do I have carrots on my recycled aluminium?

Those are the involved activities, their Reference products and by-products

This is how they are linked in APOS

This is the point of substitution, where allocation applies...

...and those single output allocated DS are created

Merging and renaming: final steps of APOS liking (for alu)

  • The single output UPR «market for carrot» for «aluminium, cast alloy» is given its original name back: «treatment of aluminium scrap»
  • The same process described here has happened in all supply chains where MSW was generated; quite a lot of instances of «treatment of aluminium scrap» will be then generated
  • All those activities bearing the same name are then merged together.

Other considerations

  • Similarly as MSW, other MFT are also generating this type of scrap, and will follow the same linking procedure described, merging in the end into one single «treatment for aluminium scrap» linked UPR.
  • This UPR bears a share of the burdens of all producers of MFT that, when treated, generate alu scrap as by-product.