Methodology of ecoinvent 3

Methodology of ecoinvent 3

How do I calculate the amount of transport in the market?

The market represents activities between the producers and the consumers of the reference product. Among other flows the market contains the transport between the producers and the consumers of the product.

For example the market for papaya (see the screenshot of the market from the ecoquery). Contains 0.017 metric ton*km of "transport, freight, aircraft with reefer, cooling".



In order to calculate this value the following data are needed:



The final amount of transport in ton*km needed for an average 1kg of papaya by air (tAIR) is than calculated as follows:



So while some papaya is not transported by air at all. Some is and by a great distance. The amount of air transport in the global market represents the amount of transport for an average 1 kg of papaya. These values change significantly when specific scenario is modelled, e.g. when calculating the impacts of papaya consumed in Europe.