An ecoinvent activity dataset represents a unit process of a human activity and its exchanges with the environment and with other human activities.


There are several activity types in the ecoinvent v3 database;transforming activities, treatment activities, market activity, import and export activities, production and supply mixes, etc.

activity class

Group of activities classified together under a heading in a statistical classification of activities, such as ISIC (International Standard Industrial Classification).

activity link (=direct link)

A link for a specific exchange to a specific supplying dataset for that exchange as provided by the dataset author, as opposed to the links automatically added by the database service layer during linking of the system models.


In general, data providers do not need to supply activity links, since these are automatically added by the database service layer. However, if a specific group of enterprises are so closely linked in a supply chain that the production volumes of the specific suppliers can be shown to fluctuate with the demand of the specific customers, data providers shall add activity links to reflect this specific link.


The reason for linking directly to a specific supplying activity is provided in the comment field for the linked exchange. When transforming activities are linked directly, thus avoiding the market activities, the activities and data that are normally included with the market activities, are instead added directly to the activity requiring the input.

addition to stock

By-product or waste with a lifetime in excess of one year. See also under infrastructure.


Abbreviation for Adsorbable Organic Halogen Compounds