market activity

An activity that does not transform inputs, but simply transfers the intermediate output of one or more transforming activities to the activities that consume this intermediate exchange as an input, e.g. from hard coal at the supplier to hard coal at the consumer. The market activity provides the average consumption mix of a product for a given region, and the marginal consumption mix in system models that use marginal suppliers.


Also see FAQ: What is a market and how is it created?

market dataset

A market dataset collects all activities with the same reference product in a certain geographical region. Furthermore, it includes average transports of that product within the geography, as well as inputs of the product itself to cover losses in trade and transport. In other words, they are consumption mixes of a certain product in a certain geographical region. There are either global or local markets, depending on real-life conditions and on the availability of local transforming activities for specific products.


Also see FAQ: What is a market and how is it created?

mft / non-mft

mft stands for “material for treatment”, non-mft satnds for “material not for treatment”. These are the two categories by which products are classified in the APOS system model. As the name implies, a “material for treatment” requires to be treated in a treatment activity in the linking of the APOS system model, while this is not the case for non-mft classified products. For example the mft "municipal solid waste" calls "treatment of municipal solid waste, incineration" and other treatment activities through the "market for municipal solid waste".)


Read more about the APOS system model and its linking rules here.


Abbreviation for multi-output activity

multi-output activity

An activity with more than one output.