Abbreviation for tetra-chlor-dibenzo-dioxin


Abbreviation for Total Dissolved Solids


Represents all human activities. An exchange of a certain activity can be between the activity and the environment (elementary exchange, for example CO2 emission to air) or between two activities (intermediate exchange, for example wastewater to be released from one activity to another – treatment of wastewater).


Abbreviation for Total Organic Carbon


Represents the type (origin) of an exchange. This is an elementary exchange (with the environment) present as an output of an activity.


Represents the type (origin) of an exchange. This is an intermediate exchange (with the technosphere) present on the output of an activity.


Abbreviation for Total Particulate Matter

transforming activity

A human activity that transforms inputs into outputs that are different from the inputs. This is the most common type of activity in the ecoinvent database, e.g. a hard coal mine that transforms hard coal in ground to the marketable product hard coal, or an automobile plant that turns metals, plastics and energy into cars.

treatment activity

A transforming activity with a reference product with a negative sign, which effectively means that the activity is supplying the service of treating or disposing of the reference product. E.g. the reference product of treatment of waste plastic activity is -1kg of waste plastic. The name of a treatment activity always start with "treatment of ..." phrase.


Abbreviation for Total Suspended Solids