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The glossary of ecoinvent terminologies is designed to help understanding various terms used in connection with ecoinvent.


The ecoinvent FAQs are regularly updated based on the questions we receive from our users. If you find any terms you are unfamiliar with have a look at our glossary.

Document & Files

The documents and files section offers an overview of all the documenation available on the ecoinvent website and where to find them.

ecoinvent Forum

What strikes you as interesting about ecoinvent version 3 and you would like to explore further? Have aspects of ecoinvent version 3 raised questions to which you have not found answers to on our support section? Join our Forum


ecoinvent offers regular, free webinars providing a basic introduction to ecoinvent version 3. For experienced version 3 users there will be more webinars to follow in 2015 going into more detail on specific features of ecoinvent 3.

Relevant Standards

Find the most widely used standards applied with ecoinvent data are here.